CBSL - Geometric Cosmetics/Mini Toiletry (Grey) Bag

$ 37.99

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Who said Geometry isn't cool? The Geometric (Grey) Mini Toiletry/Cosmetics Bag has a clean, crisp look and is lined with an angular print in muted fall colors. Quadrilaterals, Rhombus, Right Triangles and Isosceles Triangles..they're all represented. 

The Mini Toiletry/Cosmetics Bag is becoming a huge fan favorite among TLC customers.
Men like the smaller size and the fact that our bag is washable. It's the perfect size for a gentleman's basics: razor, shave lotion, aftershave balm, toothbrush, dental floss, soap, moisturizer, mini shampoo and conditioner. 

Women love to use this as a cosmetics bag because it was designed to contain all your cosmetics in one place, which makes it the perfect bag for traveling! No more looking around to find out in which bag you put your mascara, eyeliners and lip gloss. Use it as a mini toiletry bag (fits all your favorite travel-sized products) for a trip to the gym or a weekend getaway. Spills are no problem. Just pop it in the washing machine. 

*Machine washable in cold water on a delicate cycle. Air dry.

Outside:    Grey Cotton Canvas                
Inside:    Geometric Slicker
Pull:    Lightning     Piping: Black 

Dimensions:    8" Height x 6" Length x 2" Width     Weight:   3 oz.

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