LBLSet - Mesh Laundrette Bags Set (2 Large)

$ 16.00

  Save with a set of two!

I LOVE our Laundrette Bags and you will, too!      

I searched all over to find a super soft, high-quality nylon in order to make these essential laundry bags. Football Mesh has a smooth weave with hundreds of woven holes in the fabric. It looks and feels like a "football jersey". Micro Mesh has a smaller weave and tinier holes in the fabric. The holes allow water and detergent to pass through and clean your delicates, while protecting them from damage (tearing, rubbing, etc.). They are quick-drying and mildew resistant. 

Laundrette Bags - Our Laundrette bags are one of the best things to happen to clothes in a long time! They are made of a high-quality, super soft nylon and are hand made to last and last. (I've had mine for two years and they are still going strong!) Wash your delicates, undies, bras, dresses, skirts, silks, sweaters, socks, workout gear, bathing suits, hosiery and even good 'ole teddy bears in our bags for a thorough, yet protected cleaning. 

Set of 2 Mesh Laundrette Bags - Large
1 Large Mesh Laundrette Bag - Football Mesh

1 Large Mesh Laundrette Bag - Micro Mesh

Laundrette Bags are machine washable at any temperature. Hang to dry whenever possible.

Perfect for washing delicate items, undergarments or even socks!

Approximate Weight:    Large - 2.25 oz.

Dimensions:   Large - 16" W X 20" H