SBLW - Project Runway (Bright) Lightweight Shoe Bag

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One of my favorite shows is Project Runway and I've been looking for a print that would be worthy of the name. Well, I've found it! Gorgeous designs adorn dress forms while a flurry of calculations and measurements ensure a perfect fit. What do you think, Heidi and Tim? Coming soon, a coordinating Shoe Bag!

Lightweight Shoe Bags are designed to keep your favorite shoes snug, while trapping odor, dirt and "street gunk" in the bag and away from your clothes. Keep in mind that they can be used for so much more! Customers have used our Lightweight Shoe Bags for undergarments, nylons and, of course, for shoes! Lined with luxuriously soft microfiber nylon, these bags are just the right product to protect high-end, suede and embellished shoes. Lightweight shoe bags are odor- resistant, mildew-resistant and our lightly water-resistant.

Small - Fits up to Men's size 10/Woman's size 12
Medium - Fits up to Men's size 14/Woman's size 12+ (or several pairs of shoes)

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip and machine wash COLD with like colors on a delicate cycle. Hang to dry (no dryers, please!)

Outside:   Colorful Dress Forms on Black Cotton 

Inside:   Black Ribbed Nylon 
Zipper Pull:   Open Heart

Approximate Weight: Small - 4 oz. Medium - 5 oz. Dimensions:   Small - 15"L 10X10"H   Medium - 18"L X 12"H