SBSL - Walking in Paris Shoe Bag

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Slicker Shoe Bags are designed to keep your favorite shoes snug, while trapping odor, dirt and "street gunk" in the bag and away from your clothes. Keep in mind that they can be used for so much more! Customers have used our Slicker Shoe Bags for damp bathing suits, undergarments, soiled kids clothing in a diaper bag and, of course for dirty gym shoes, work boots and hiking boots. Lined with high quality laminated cotton, these bags are BPA free, odor- resistant, mildew-resistant and our most water-resistant product.

Small - Fits up to Men's size 10/Women's size 12
Medium - Fits up to Men's size 14/Women's size 12+ (or several pairs of shoes)

Large - Originally designed for Boots (ankle to mid-calf) Fits up to Men's size 14/Women's size 13+   *You can use this bag for Laundry, too!*

Outside:   Mon Amie Black Cotton 
Inside:   Paris Slicker Laminated Cotton
Zipper Pull:   Open Heart
Approximate Weight:  Small - 4 oz. Medium - 5 oz. Large - 6 oz.

Dimensions: Small - 15"L X 10"H   Medium - 18"L X 12"H   Large - 16"L X 16"H

*Matching and Coordinating Travel Laundry Bags Available*


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