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    How do I remove the wire nose guard in my TLC face mask?

    Where is the Travel Laundry Bag made?

    Each TLC - Travel Laundry Bag is proudly handcrafted in California, U.S.A. 

    Every item used to create the Travel Laundry Bag was purchased from California and US companies, from the fabric down to the zippers!

    What is a Laundrette Bag?

    A Laundrette Bag is a soft, stretchy nylon bag for washing delicate clothing, undergarments, hosiery, bathing suites or just about anything. Each Laundrette bag is proudly made in the USA. It is machine washable (cold or warm water) and dryable.

    Laundrette Bags are available for purchase.

    Small Laundrette Bag $5.50 each or 2 for $10.00 

    Large Laundrette Bag $6.50 each or 2 for $12.00

    One Small and One Large Laundrette Bag for $11.00

    How often do I need to wash my TLC Bag?

    Your TLC - Travel Laundry Bag should be washed depending on it's usage. We recommend that our customers wash their TLC bags about every 10-15 times they are used. The fabrics we use to line are Laundry Bags contain odors, rather than absorbing them. I have a Slicker Bag that I use about 4 times a week and I wash it every 2 months or so. 

    *With light usage (light to medium soiled or damp clothing), you can just take out your dirty laundry and air out your TLC bag with the zipper open. Wash as needed, usually every 15-20 uses.

    *With heavy usage (heavily soiled and damp clothing), place your TLC bag in with your delicate laundry as needed. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle and lay flat to dry. (Hint: I still only wash my TLC Bag every 15 uses or so. You can always wipe out the lining with a wipee!)

    What bag would be good to use in my diaper bag for my little one's soiled clothes and such?

    A small slicker shoe bag would be a good choice for a diaper bag. Make sure to choose a shoe bag with slicker laminated lining. That will keep the odor and moisture in the bag until you are home and ready to wash. The small shoe bag is small enough to fit well in your diaper bag, but large enough for a set of kids clothes, wash clothes or your own shirt!

    How long does shipping take?

    Within the United States, shipping takes about 2-3 days and is sent via the USPS or via UPS.

    I travel a lot. Which bag fits best in my carry on?

    The small TLC - Travel Laundry bag was designed specifically to fit into a regulation carry on suitcase. It is perfect people that choose to travel light! 

    Our Ultra Lightweight Bags are another good option. A Small ULW bag weighs about 4 ounces and a Large ULW bag weighs about 5 ounces.

    What are the benefits of having a Slicker bag?

    A Slicker Bag is lined with a special laminated fabric that makes it extremely water-resistant. The laminated fabric is BPA free, lead free and is perfect for damp or soiled clothing! A Slicker Bag is a great choice for a sports bag, baby bag, beach bag, gym bag and anywhere you need that added water-resistant feature. Although slicker fabric is more expensive than other types of fabric, it is well worth it for the water-resistant properties. You might wonder how Slicker Bags will last with washing. The Slicker Fabric is very durable and with time and washing the material becomes more pliable but still retains it's water-resistant features. Just follow the wash instructions on the inside tag. I have had my Paris Bag (Slicker Bag) for 24 months and it still looks amazing!

    What makes a Heavy Duty bag heavy duty?

    A Heavy Duty bag is constructed of cotton canvas or cotton twill on the outside and lined with laminated slicker fabric. Canvas and twill fabrics are thicker and heavier than cotton and therefore, considered more durable. The laminated slicker fabric that lines the Heavy Duty Bag is BPA free, lead free and has the same water-resistant features as the Slicker Bag. This is a great choice for athletes or anyone who plays hard!