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    Traveling all my life has given me a unique perspective on people, different cultures and definitely packing!

    In my 20's, while working for an airline, I realized travelers faced a unique problem - what to do with their dirty laundry in their suitcases. I've seen it all: trash bags, grocery bags, Ziplocs with mildewy bathing suits, pillowcases, whole suitcases dedicated to stinky laundry. I figured there had to be a better way.  There was…it just hadn’t been invented yet.

    In 2012 I went to work to create the ultimate Travel Laundry Bag! Although I came up with the idea for the Travel Laundry Bag over thirty years ago, my vision wasn’t realized until I started TLC- Travel Laundry Company. I researched materials endlessly and with my designs in hand, I met with a seamstress and created my first prototypes. After a year of real-world testing, invaluable feedback from experienced travelers, and a design and utility patent, I launched our first product: the Travel Laundry Bag in 2013. More innovative travel products followed as I was inspired to find solutions to those pesky issues so many travelers face. The TLC line proudly includes washable and water-resistant Shoe Bags, Hanging and Classic Toiletry Bags, Luggage Tags, Clear TSA Mini's, Mesh Laundrette Bags, Ladies "Cigar" Bags, Luggage Tag Duos, Travel Shoppers and Clear Stadium Totes.

    My travel-inspired product line utilizes original, innovative designs and concepts. Each piece is hand-crafted using traditional sewing techniques with modern technology & machines (serger, industrial sewing & die cut machines). Materials include cotton, nylon, laminates, welting, webbing, vinyl, zipper, rings, pulls, magnets & fasteners. TLC products are known for impeccable construction, functional design and print aesthetics. I use the highest quality materials to create truly unique pieces to solve problems most travelers face.

    TLC – Travel Laundry Company believes in quality, value and function. I made the commitment to source all my fabric and raw materials from companies in the USA to ensure consistently superior textiles. Our products are sewn in a small family-owned factory in Orange County, California to personally work with local craftsmen and supervise every fine detail. I hope TLC – Travel Laundry Company will inspire you take time for yourself and your family, whether you are going on the trip of a lifetime or spending a quiet weekend away.

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    Alyssa Grant