Every Story Has A Silver Lining

Traveling all my life has given me a unique perspective on people, different cultures and definitely packing! When preparing for a trip, I’d stare at my suitcase, wonder what to pack, and recall my father’s old adage: “You pack it, you carry it”. I would make a list (my mom’s influence), carefully set out the items I was planning to take, pack, organizing my suitcase to maximum efficiency. I honed this skill to a true art form.

During my trip and on the way home, however, it was a completely different story.I always seemed to have an issue finding a place for my dirty laundry. Like many folks, I would use plastic grocery bags for my dirty clothes and hide them in the closet or put them in my suitcase. If I ran out of bags I would tuck the used clothing into the zippered compartment of my suitcase. This was a hassle because I would have to pull my suitcase out of the closet or from under the bed a few times a day.  When it came to packing for the trip home, any clean clothes would have to be packed with the dirty laundry from the trip. Even though I had “separated” my dirties in plastic bags, the entire contents of my suitcase would end up having to be washed when I got home, which was the last thing I wanted to do.  “There has to be a better way,” I thought to myself.

 Okay, I didn’t just think to myself, I actually did something about it. I created the ultimate travel bag: the TLC Travel Laundry Bag! Although I came up with the idea for the Travel Laundry Bag over twenty years ago, my vision wasn’t realized until 2013 when I started TLC. With my original designs in hand I met with a seamstress and created my first prototypes. After a year of real-world testing and invaluable feedback from experienced travelers, I refined my design until I created the perfect travel laundry bag.  Quality is essential to me so I made the commitment to source all my fabric and raw materials from companies in the USA. I now work out of a small factory in Orange County and have put every resource I have (and then some) into bringing Travel Laundry Bags to you!

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Alyssa Grant

Inspiring Creativity

Meyer age 8

This is the Meyer Bag. Meyer's father was a professional soccer player and Meyer is working very hard (and having lots of fun) following in his father's footsteps. He is in two soccer leagues and often has 2 games on Saturdays or Sundays. Thanks ......

a little tlc for athletes

Malakai Martinez

Malakai Martinez, at 14 years old, is currently the Costa Rican Mini Grom Surf Champion, for ages 16 and under. Malakai lives in Tamarindo, Costa Rica with his mom Shannon, a fitness trainer and sports massage therapist, and his sister Leilani. M......

Meet The Team

Alyssa Grant, Founder

Alyssa is a lifelong traveler thanks to her amazing parents, who both had successful careers in the airline industry. She was born in Los Angeles, but lived and traveled all over the world with her parents before returning to live in Orange County in 1984.

 After college, Alyssa followed in her family’s footsteps and worked in the travel industry for many years. She adventured through Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Tahiti, South Africa, Europe, Mexico, Canada, Central America and Hong Kong. 

 Ten years ago, Alyssa began a new journey to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a teacher. She returned to school at the University of California, Irvine and earned her California Teaching Credential and Master’s Degree in Teaching. Alyssa taught first, second, and third grades at a private school in Irvine, California for ten years. Though she loves teaching, Alyssa came to realize that the demands of her growing Travel Laundry Company business would require her total commitment.  In June of 2015, Alyssa made the courageous leap from the security of her teaching career to devote all her energy and talents to TLC.

The Friendly Faces of TLC!

Heide Grant (my mom)
My mom is a successful entrepreneur herself! A Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics, she has her own full-time business and still make the time to help me in all aspects of my work. She works shows/events, gives me business advice and is the best person to bounce ideas off of. Thanks Mom!
Danielle Wiltchick
Danielle runs her own company, Special Needs OC and has been teaching students with special needs for over 10 years in California. I met Danielle my first year teaching in Irvine and I rely on her to help at TLC Events and Shows all around Southern California.