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    Tell us what you think of your TLC bag and read what others have said!


    This is the only reason I go to Vintage Days

    -Square Feedback April 22, 2018

    Everything was awesome as always!

    -Square Feedback April 22, 2018

    I just kept buying~~~ good sign you have great & useful products

    -Square Feedback April 20, 2018

    Very pleased with my purchases and pleasant helpful lady.

    -Square Feedback April 21, 2018

    We were told all about the products. Various ways to use them and how to take care of them. Very helpful w/ selecting. I am sure I will use and enjoy the items I bought.

    - Square Feedback April 15, 2018

    "I Love talking to ALYSSA. She is very helpful and expeditious. I ordered today and it's on its way! Thanks ALYSSA. All businesses should be run that way."

    - Mary G.  July 2017

    "I'm constantly traveling for work and these bags are the best. They hold so much laundry and never smell. I also love the shoe bags. Who wants dirty shoes touching their clean clothes. The designs are trendy and fun. They make the best gifts!"

    -Candace Feldman-Wald   April 2017

    "Thank you! I received my order! I am quite impressed on how it was packaged. Very nice and shows that your company really cares about your product. Keep up the good work!"

    -Dorothy  March 2017

    "I am very impressed. Very professional and couldn't have been nicer, or more accommodating!"

    -Square Feedback March 28, 2017

    "Great bags!"

    -Square Feedback March 19, 2017

     "Love my TLC Bag and never travel without it. It's nice to have a place to put your dirty garments and it's got a pretty cool pattern. I have to say, Thank you Alyssa Grant!"

    -Gerry Hunt Facebook Post March 2017

     "He takes it on all our road trips!"

    -Gerry's girlfriend Comment Facebook Post March 2017

        Captain Scott Reed of USCG Barracuda purchased TLC Heavy duty bags (HD Geometric - Airforce Blue) for his entire crew. The mesh bags they were using for dirty laundry didn't work very well as the crew had to keep fit by working out on the vessel while deployed. They worked so well the Captain ordered more for his new crew on their next deployment!

    "Like the original laundry bag, the Shoe Bag is fun, helpful, light, and strong to help you travel better. It’s designed for those that travel with carry-on (but works with checked bags, as well) and to keep your dirty shoes separate from your clean clothes while you’re away from home. I gave mine to my wife since she fell in love with their designs. They come in vibrant colors and stylish prints in both small and large sizes. What I love about Travel Laundry Company is that their products are odor-, water- and mildew- resistant, machine-washable and made in the USA!"

    -Johnny Jet from Johnny

    Read more at:

    "Great Bags! Forget shopping for presents and buy one for everyone that travels, school, plays sports, ETC. Designs for every taste."

    -Fergus April 2014 (Johnny Website - Travel Product of the Week)

    "I couldn’t agree with you more, Johnny Jet! Not only are these bags fantastic, the gal who runs the company is amazing. I use the bag as a baby bag in my car for my 2 year old son, Levi. I place the handle around the seat rest and use it endlessly! Everyone knows how many changes of clothes a baby goes through per day so it has worked out perfectly. I also love the mesh laundrette bag. I put my son’s soiled clothes in it and then the whole thing can be thrown right into the washing machine. I’m a working mom, and products like this make my life so much easier. I’m going right back to their website to order one for me and my avid cyclist husband as well!"

    -Sarah Mendonca April 2014 (Johnny Website - Travel Product of the Week)

    "Yes, Sarah and everyone, you are right!!! These bags are amazing- I traveled to Nicaragua this past winter, and my TLC bag saved me!! Nothing’s easier than unzipping the mesh part and throwing the dirties into the washer!! Also, the bags are sooo durable and flexible- I use mine as a pool bag, yoga/gym bag, book tote, etc.- you name it, I’ve carried it in that bag!! Also, the mesh liner can be used to air dry your clean clothes so they don’t have to spend so much time banging about in the Godforsaken heat of the dryer- saves money and your clothes!! Thank you, TLC!!!"

    -Anonymous April 2017 (Johnny Website - Travel Product of the Week)

    "I started with one of these beautiful bags, and now I’m up to 3! I use one for travel, one for home, and the other for the gym. The unique patterns, colorful fabrics, and thoughtful design are impeccable. I especially love the attention to detail right down to the ornate zipper pull. I just went on a short business trip, and it was a wonderful feeling to have a special bag to use – especially one that is so pretty :-)"

    -Mary April 2014 (Johnny Website - Travel Product of the Week)

    "Update: I just gave one of these to my husband for his Birthday. At first he didn’t know what to do with it. Then discovered that he could hang it on the back of his driver’s seat headrest to stash his wet beach stuff in after surfing. It’s mildew and odor resistant with a water proof lining so no worries. He takes the bag inside (which is washable) and dumps the contents and the bag into the wash. Basic black with a cool abstract pattern inside, OK for a guy to have in his car. TLC Rocks :-)"

    -Mary April 2016 (Johnny Website - Travel Product of the Week)

    "As a 12-year flight attendant who travels at least 12-15 days a month, I LOVE THIS BAG!!! My favorite part is that one day I can be on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale on a layover, and the next day my layover is negative 10 degree weather in Minneapolis and my wet bathing suit is in my TLC til I get to the hotel and can hang it to dry. LOVE THIS BAG!!!!"

    -DKA April 2014 (Johnny Website - Travel Product of the Week)

    "Love this product. As an avid swimmer and two kids in diapers I don’t leave my house without it. Keeps my diaper bag and car from being stinky. It also makes the best present for a babyshower or for that hard to buy for “have-it-all” friend"

    -Danielle Wiltchick April 2014  (Johnny Website - Travel Product of the Week)

    "My granddaughter adores her “travel hamper” as she calls it. It is absolutely adorable and so practical! She insists on hanging it over her bedroom door knob and using it as her personal socks and underwear hamper, when she’s not traveling. My daughter is so impressed that this colorful laundry bag has helped to teach her little one a very important executive functioning skill — put dirty clothes in the hamper instead of on the floor! Wow, we definitely got our money’s worth!!!"

    -Vickie April 2014 (Johnny Website - Travel Product of the Week)

    "Finally! I am a flight attendant, and have always had to put my dirty laundry in a baggie or end up mixing it with my clean clothes. No more! I LOVE my Travel Laundry Bag! It keeps everything separate and fits in my carry-on luggage even after it is completely full. To be able to hang it in my hotel room makes it a breeze to use, and it is beautiful! The mesh washing bag is a brilliant bonus. Every person that travels for a living or for joy needs these bags! (I am going to get the heavy duty bag for our beach play days as well.) Thank you TLC!!

    -Sarah Stafford  April 2014 (Johnny Website - Travel Product of the Week)

    "I am always traveling to different hotels and is always looking for a hotel plastic laundry bag. Now I have my TlC bag. Loving my bag. I can put wet clothes in the bag with no problems."

    -Diane Patterson April 2014  (Johnny Website - Travel Product of the Week)

    "The little girl/little boy prints are especially cute, and make wonderful baby shower gifts. The kind of thing you didn’t know you needed until you start using it-"

    -Kitty April 2014 (Johnny Website - Travel Product of the Week)

    "One of the greatest finds. Great product and love the many different styles!"

    -O. Deral April 2014  (Johnny Website - Travel Product of the Week)

    "this is the best bag i ever bought!!!! tired of using plastic bags to store dirty laundry when i travel…now i can open my suitcase for TSA without cringing!!! this bag is essential to my packing list. I also intend to buy more- for the gym and for home. Love it!!!!"

    -Sharissa April 2014 (Johnny Website - Travel Product of the Week)

    "Just got back from a one week vacation with my family and the bag was amazing! It was great to have somewhere to throw our dirty clothes instead of a mildew smelling plastic bag! Great addition to the travel repertoire. I highly recommend it!"

    -George Lambert April 2014 (Johnny Website - Travel Product of the Week)

    "I love my TLC travel laundry bag! I’ve been using it for months for my baby’s clothes, for overnight weekend trips to grandparents’ homes. I love the animal print design! Fits all those small baby clothes and socks perfectly and keeps the used/soiled clothes separate from the clean stuff in my overnight bag. Then when I get home, I can just unzip and remove the mesh bag and throw right into the wash. Makes the whole packing and unpacking task go so smoothly. With a baby, I really appreciate smart products that simplify things. This is a wonderful product and great quality. I highly recommend! Makes a great gift for new moms who are on the move and on the go!"

    -Keren April 2014 (Johnny Website - Travel Product of the Week)

    "Finally! I am a flight attendant, and have always had to either put dirty clothes in a baggie, or mix with my clean clothes. I absolutely love my Travel Laundry Bag. It fits perfectly in my carry-on luggage even when full, is handy to use by hanging it in my hotel rooms, keeps everything clean and separate, and is beautiful. The mesh removeable lingerie washing bag is a wonderful bonus. Anyone that travels for fun or for a living needs these perfect bags!"

    Anonymous April 2014 (Johnny Website - Travel Product of the Week)