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    TLC's products are the perfect accessories for every traveler's lifestyle. Innovation, function and design are the driving force behind our designs, from the first cut to the final stitch. We strive to create unique products of the highest quality that deliver time after time.

    Travel Laundry Bags

    Designed to contain and separate dirty laundry from clean clothes while away from home. Small size for a weekend getaway. Large size for longer trips.

    TLC Shoe Bags

    Keep your favorite shoes snug while trapping odors, dirt and "street gunk" inside and away from clothes.Travel smart-use our shoe bags for undergarments, workout gear and damp bathing suits.

    Hanging Toiletry Bags

    The ultimate blend of style and function featuring 7 transparent pockets and our signature water-resistant laminated cotton. Organizes both mini and full-sized products in one place.

    TLC Toiletry Bags

    Available in 3 sizes, our Toiletry Bags have a modern take on a timeless classic. Easily pack everything from minis to full-sized products in ONE bag. Slicker lining helps preven spills from leaking through.

    Clear TSA Tote

    Make quick trips a breeze with your clear TSA mini tote. Durable 20 guage clear plastic in just the perfect size for all your mini's and your carry on!

    TLC Laundrette Bags

     Our Laundrette bags are one of the best things to happen to clothes in a long time! They are made of a high-quality, super soft nylon and are hand made to last and last. (I've had mine for six years and they are still going strong!) Wash your delicates, undies, bras, dresses, skirts, silks, sweaters, socks, workout gear, bathing suits, hosiery and even good 'ole teddy bears in our bags for a thorough, yet protected cleaning. 

     Mildew-restistant       Water-resistant     Odor-resistant      Made in the USA   

    Machine-washable     Delicate Cycle    Cold Water     Air Dry