About The Bag

All of our products are odor-, water-, and mildew- resistant, machine washable and proudly Made in the USA!

The Travel Laundry Bag is designed to keep your dirty laundry separate from your clean clothes while you are away from home. It is both beautiful and practical and has a multitude of uses. 

The Travel Laundry Bag is available in vibrant colors and stylish prints in both small and large sizes.

Travel Laundry Bags come in four functional models: Ultra Lightweight (super light, strong and and quick-drying), Lightweight (luxuriously soft, lightweight and quick-drying), Slicker (lined with water-resistant laminated fabric) and Heavy Duty (cotton canvas or twill with Slicker fabric).

Our Travel Shoe Bags were created to keep shoes and "street gunk" separate from anything else you may have in your travel bag. They can be used for shoes, bathing suits, undies and are perfect for new moms and dads to use in a diaper bag!

Our TLC Toiletry and Cosmetics Bags were designed to transport full-size products as well as travel-size. Ideal for the frequent traveler, they are also machine-washable so spills aren't a problem.

Each bag is thoughtfully designed with colorful fabrics and practicality in mind. Our ultimate travel bags are odor-resistant, water-resistant, mildew-resistant and durable.  Best of all, every Travel Laundry Bag is machine washable on a gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry. Using your TLC Bag helps save valuable resources, such as plastic bags and it reduces waste by preventing you from having to wash all your clothing packed in your suitcase. With a Travel Laundry Bag, you only have to wash the dirty laundry contained in your TLC bag! The materials for the TLC Travel Laundry Bag are sourced in Los Angeles and the entire bag is crafted in the USA (here in Orange County, as a matter of fact!).

Ultra Lightweight

At only 4-5 ounces, the Ultra Lightweight Bag is the perfect choice for frequent travelers that and those that wish to travel "light".  It is odor-, water- and mildew-resistant and dries quickly after washing.


This bag is luxuriously soft, supple and lightweight (6-7 ounces), this bag is just the thing for your delicates. It is quick-drying and available in a wide selection of colors and designs.


Slicker bags (8-10 ounces) have a laminated cotton lining, which makes them ideal for damp bathing suits, workout clothes, sports gear, damp towels and little kids! The laminated fabric is BPA free and is safe for kids 12 and under. I use mine often at the pool, beach and the gym!

Heavy Duty/Designer



Athletes of all ages, love this strong, durable bag. It has a heavyweight cotton canvas shell and is lined with Slicker laminated fabric. (9-12 ounces)

Our Alexander Henry designer fabrics make our Designer bags truly unique!

(8-10 ounces)