TBSL- Geometric Toiletry (Grey) Bag

$ 45.99

Who said Geometry isn't cool? The Geometric Slicker Bag has a clean, crisp look and is lined with an angular print in muted fall colors. Quadrilaterals, Rhombus, Right Triangles and Isosceles Triangles...they're all represented. The perfect "guy" print is here! Our Black Geometric Toiletry bag has a sharp, sophisticated look outside and is lined with a classic geometrical print. It's sure to please the man in your life. 

TLC's Toiletry Bags were designed with specific travel needs in mind: the dreaded "spill factor" and having enough space for your products We lined our Toiletry bags with our special laminated cotton, so when you have a spill you can wash your TLC Toiletry bag in cold water on a delicate cycle. No more stains and sticky messes! Our bag is taller than most Toiletry Bags (or Dopp kits) to accommodate full-sized products. Unfortunately, everything we love doesn't always come in a mini travel-size! PROBLEMS SOLVED!

All of our classic Toiletry Bags have a durable cotton canvas outer layer and is lined with Slicker laminated cotton fabric. At 7.5 inches tall, 11 inches long and 4 inches wide our Large Toiletry Bag will fit travel and full-sized products beautifully. No need to bring 2 or 3 bags with you ever again!

For those that travel lighter, our Small Toiletry Bag is a fantastic option. We took our Large Toiletry Bag and nipped an inch off each dimension. It's the perfect grooming & shave kit for a gentleman or mini beauty kit for a gal on the go.

The TLC Toiletry Bag is machine washable, odor-, water-, and mildew- resistant and made in the USA! Machine wash in cold water on a delicate cycle. Air dry only.

Outside: Grey Cotton Canvas 
Inside: Geometric Slicker Fabric
Pull: Lightning
Weight: Large: 8 ounces Small: 6 ounces

Dimensions: Large:  11" L x 7.5" H x 4" W  Small: 10" L x 6.5" H x .3" W